34.1% Nepalis engages in tobacco use, survey reveals

Kathmandu: A recent survey conducted in Nepal has unveiled concerning statistics regarding tobacco consumption, shedding light on the persistent challenges faced in curbing its usage within the nation.

The findings, published by the Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) in their report titled ‘National Survey on Socio-Economic and Policy Aspects of Tobacco Use in Nepal’, underscore the pressing need for more robust measures to combat this pervasive issue.

Released on Friday, the report unveils a disheartening reality: despite concerted efforts to reduce tobacco consumption, 34.1 percent of Nepal’s population engages in various forms of tobacco use. This figure marks a troubling increase from 31.8 percent documented in a similar study conducted in 2020, reflecting a 2.3 percentage point rise over three years.

Delving into the demographics of tobacco users, the report reveals distinct patterns across different age groups. Among those aged 15 to 24, 17.9 percent partake in tobacco use, while the prevalence increases to 56.7 percent among individuals aged 55 to 69. Moreover, a notable gender disparity is observed, with significantly higher tobacco usage rates among men compared to women.